How to create a formula in Excel? 1

How to create a formula in Excel?

How to create a formula in Excel? 2

Microsoft Excel is a powerful application that can be used to perform mathematical calculations. In this post, you will learn how to create simple formulas in Ecxel by using the basic arithmetic operation: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Simple Formulas

A formula is an expression that performs a calculation. In the same way that a calculator performs calculations, Excel can also perform formulas, which add, subtract, multiply, and divide. One of the key features is not their ability to calculate the role of cells to represent the values. Was not it clear to understand? For example, let’s say you entered the value 58 in cell B5. The option will be found in the text / formula in the Excel, will alone In this way, once the mathematics will be more dynamic and flexible.

Creating simple formulas

Excel uses the standards for a representation of your calculations. They are: Addition (+), Subtraction (-), Asterisk for multiplication (*), Division (/) and exponential (^).

How to create a formula in Excel? 3

All Excel formulas start with the equal sign (=). This is required.

To illustrate our example, let’s consider the following values ​​contained in its following cells:

12 A4 photos

23 in cell B4

Let us suppose that a C4 cell must consist of a sum of two values. In this case, we can do the following:

= A4 + B4

Could you understand the reasoning? A formula started with the equal sign. Next we indicate the numbers corresponding to the first value (12) which is A4. Since it is an addition operation, we put the + sign. In the sequence they indicated the device corresponding to the value (23) which is B4. And finally, we press the Enter key to calculate the value of the expression

The result is 35.

Using this reasoning, you are able to perform calculations of various types in Excel.

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